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Name:the one counting cranes
Location:Concepción, Región del Bío Bío, Chile
the girl who loved to fold cranes

Kas is an eighteen years old individual who currently resides in Concepción, Chile. She's pursuing a degree on Anthropology even if her malfunctioning brain is full of weird stuff like crack, unicorns and rainbows. She's a pretty dumb simple-minded person, who loves culture and diversity above all things and she's capable of having silly fun times while giggling like an idiot with an atlas and a philosophy's book at her hands. (Because yes, everything can be transformed into a joke.)

She loves to sing and write, and she still thinks that running away from home with a guitar wouldn't be a bad idea at all. Her roommates think she's a weird mix between indie and plain geek who can't cook to save her life.

You can add her if you want to, she doesn't bite. AT LEAST, NOT MUCH.

and she liked to watch the time pass

→ F A N D O M S
D. Gray-Man - Saiyuki - Batman - Axis Powers Hetalia - Latin Hetalia - Persona 3 - Persona 4.

→ B O O K S
Artemis Fowl - Lolita - Animal Farm - One Hundred Years of Solitude - Santa María de las Flores Negras - The Fight Club - Ana Karenina - Don Quixote - His Dark Materials - The Chronicles Of Narnia - The Thousand and One Nights - Invisible Monsters - The Trial - The Outsider - Metamorphosis - Sputnik Sweetheart - A Clockwork Orange - Kafka On The Shore.

→ M U S I C
Arctic Monkeys - The Arcade Fire - Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Regina Spektor - The Killers - Feist - Interpol.

and she enjoyed the company of her cranes

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